Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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The TMV Trail, crossing the Vosges Mountains

430 km of adventure

Diverse and amazing landscapes await hikers along the 20,000 km of marked trails in the Vosges Mountains, a backdrop for memorable encounters. A passionate farmhouse innkeeper, a chamois perched high above, a legendary castle, or a capercaillie: make way for surprises all along your route!

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Vosges Mountains, skip into the wild

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Touring on the TMV

Follow the legendary red rectangle

This historic long-distance hiking trail is likely France’s first. Marked with a red rectangle for almost 125 years by the Club Vosgien, the path is well broken in!
Today, the trail guarantees a high-level experience for the most demanding hikers. The TMV trail is a certified Lead Quality Trail - Best of Europe. With reliable signage, cultural sites, picturesque towns, luggage transfers, and adapted accommodation, everything is in place for your tour on the trail.

Discover the TMV trail 

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A 19-stage expedition

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You'll need to be well prepared to tackle the 19 stages of the TMV: the 14 rounded peaks require skill and humility. The trail is challenging even for avid hikers, but you can always split the longer stages in two. Each section of the route is carefully planned and maintained so adventurers can set off on the paths with a care-free spirit. There are detailed descriptions with reliable information on elevation gain, difficulty, distance, and places to stop for accommodation and food along the way. You can also see a 3D aerial view of the itinerary or follow the route on an IGN Top25 map to get a good overview of the different facets of the route. The itinerary extends from the forests of the Northern Vosges with its pink sandstone rocks and castles, all the way to the upper mountain pastures of the Ballon des Vosges. The path is brimming with history and breathtaking views to transport hikers on a real personal adventure connected to nature.

Discover the stages of the TMV

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Hiking is a common thread. Whether before you leave or as you go, you can choose to take a detour, adapt the stages, or extend the itinerary depending on how you feel. Gourmet hikers will always find time to stop and fill up their packs at local producers. Curious hikers won't miss a visit to the castles that dot the route. Mindful hikers might be tempted by a forest bathing session. Artistic hikers will enjoy looking for the perfect view to capture in a photo. The Vosges Mountains offer up their most beautiful experiences. Take your pick!

I love grabbing my backpack and hiking boots for an escape in the outdoors for a few days! The Vosges Mountains are my playground.
On a mini trek, for an "Into the Wild" experience, there is nothing like heading out on my own and setting up my tent for the night. While camping under the stars in a bivouac is an amazing experience, it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you haven't done your research or packed what you need. If it sounds like an adventure for you, check out my tips for a successful night wild camping.

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