Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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Randonnée Falkenstein dans les Vosges du Nord

The Northern Vosges

The Northern Vosges stretch out among the Col de Saverne mountain pass, the pink sandstone cliffs of the Pays de Bitche, the vineyards of Wissembourg, and the crystal and glassworks of Meisenthal.
Here, the forest takes hold of the mountain, with mysterious fortified castles rising from within and charming villages of stone and half-timbered houses hidden in the trees. Farmers, loggers, carpenters, and master glassmakers have marked the landscapes, but nature still reigns. With unspoilt land and a world biosphere reserve, nature's playground is free to put on a show. A secret land brimming with legends.

In a word


Beeches, oaks, and Scots pines cover almost two-thirds of the Northern Vosges.

Lichtenberg Vosges du Nord

Tales from the land: the Count of Lichtenberg and the forger

In his time, the Count of Lichtenberg was a bit of a sorcerer and punished anyone who tricked his people.
One day, a dishonest trader caused trouble in the land by paying merchants with counterfeit money.
The Count caught wind of it and went to find the crook. He bought luxurious objects from the trader and paid with a purse of silver coins.
When the crook dipped his hand into the purse to count his loot, he keeled over in pain. In place of the coins was a hornet's nest. The victims of the trader rushed to the fallen crook to claim their due. The wrongdoing undone, the hornets disappeared. The count warned the thief: if he ever used counterfeit money again, the same spell would be cast. Never again were bad coins found in the land.

Vosges du Nord verre


Observe the Terrestrial Stars

Glass and crystal sites 

3 neighbouring valleys, 3 renowned sites, 3 places of sparkling creations: 3 Étoiles Terrestres that link together to form a constellation of Glass Art.
At the crossroads of Alsace and Lorraine, the Northern Vosges are home to villages shaped by crystal. Rich treasures lie hidden beneath their austere exteriors. The International Glass Art Centre in Meisenthal, the Lalique Museum in Wingen-sur-Moder and La Grande Place Saint-Louis Crystal Museum are the guardians of five centuries of industrial and artistic traditions.

Favourite activity:

Visit the Saint-Louis Crystal workshop just a few steps from La Grande Place

Lambach Fleckenstein Vosges du nord
Like it was yesterday

Hikes and walks around fortified castles  

The Northern Vosges are a land of castles. Perched high above, they continue to watch over the forests of the Higher Vosges. Their ruins were abandoned centuries ago, but they still preserve tales of history. Take a journey back in time along Alsace's fortified castle trail. At the impregnable Fleckenstein Castle, the tumultuous Lichtenberg Castle, or the castle of La Petite-Pierre, renovated by Vauban. Stroll through history and immerse yourself in the mysteries hidden in the stone.

Favourite activity:

Discover Fleckenstein in a new light on a medieval adventure with the Château des Défis challenge 

Manuela Peshmann Vosges du Nord
The forest like you've never seen it before

Forest bathing and a walk in the canopy

What if trees had the power to soothe? See for yourself with a forest bathing session. This surprising experience awakens your senses and frees you from stress, all in the heart of nature. And after uncovering a few secrets of the forest, take a walk on top of the woods. Yes, you read that right! Climb to new heights on the Treetop Walk and take a stroll through the canopy.

L’activité pépite :

Favourite activity: Take a long bath in the woods of La Petite-Pierre alongside a forest relaxation therapist

Citadelle de Bitche - Vosges du Nord
Northern Vosges, a land of history 

Remembrance tourism in the Northern Vosges

The wars from 1870 to 1945 forever transformed the landscapes of the Northern Vosges. Today, they teach us lessons never to forget. From the Bitche Citadel built by Vauban to the forts of the Maginot Line, learn how a territory defended its land and its freedom.
Remembering is committing to peace.

Favourite activity:

Explore Simserhof Fort aboard a wagon

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