Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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Une nature préservée
The Vosges Mountains

A go-to destination

At the heart of exceptional natural heritage,

the Vosges Mountains are a must-see destination.


Perfectly located

In northeast France, the Vosges Mountains extend over two regions (Grand Est and Bourgogne-Franche-Comté) and six departments (European Community of Alsace, Territoire de Belfort, Haute-Saône, Vosges, Meurthe-et-Moselle, and Moselle). Come and explore this amazing land that calls out to those looking to experience a profound journey, a quest for meaning, and an encounter with nature.

A nature and wellness destination

A desire to let go of it all for a day or a weekend in harmony with yourself and with nature. A desire to hear the silence of the forest, the lakes, and the streams that wind along the slopes. A desire to listen to tales and legends and marvel at local know-how. Here, all types of adventurers can experience the great thrills of nature's feel-good spectacle in a welcoming and bountiful landscape. Here, adventure adapts to you.

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Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges

A sports and outdoor destination

Whether it's hiking or biking to the summits, skiing between the firs, or heading out on a snowshoe hike, the call of the Vosges Mountains is an emotion-packed experience to consume without moderation.
The gentle slopes of the Vosges Mountains are a source of adventure, rejuvenation, discovery, and emotion for a holiday where rest, relaxation, and outdoor activities become one.
Experience living, cultivated, and welcoming mountains all year round.

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