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Mountain beauty

Feet in the water, head in the clouds

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Water, water everywhere

Surrounded by the rocks, dense forests and hidden valleys of the Vosges Mountains, we discover the big role water plays in this natural setting. Admire the beauty of water, in all its forms, throughout the seasons.

Point info : There are more than 1000 lakes, 440 000 hectares of forests and 2 Regional Nature Parks in the Vosges Mountains.

Lacs aux 1000 nuances

Lakes of every colour

White, Black and Green lakes: in the Vosges Mountains, the lakes take their names from numerous different hues. We love swimming in them the summer and admiring them covered in ice and surrounded by snow in the winter. The best way to discover the lakes is to lace up your walking boots and take a high-altitude hike through the mountains.


Point info : Some lakes have water sports centres during the summer season for swimming in a safe setting.

Des rivières à travers les frontières

Rivers across borders

Two rivers take their source in the Vosges Mountains. The 560 km long Moselle River begins in Bussang and crosses a portion of France, Luxembourg and Germany. The Saar River also begins in the Vosges, at the foot of the Donon, and passes through France and Germany.

A piece of Finland

What a journey! We’re overcome with emotion on our afternoon on the Plateau of a Thousand Lakes. Far from the hustle and bustle, we wind through a land of natural beauty filled with thousands of colours. In this area brimming with unique plants and wildlife, we encounter four different dragonfly species in the space of no time.

Plateau des milles étangs
Point info :

This mosaic of lakes interspersed with forests was created by the ice age.

Cascade de la Serva

Waterfalls of memories

A not-to-be-missed experience in the Vosges Mountains: hunting for waterfalls! It all begins with a stop at the Saut des Cuves, where the Vologne River flows into successive waterfalls. Our second stop is at an elevation of 534 m in the Bruche Valley. At the foot of the 25-m tall Nideck Waterfall, we watch as the mountain stream gushes into a wall of rocks. A refreshing spectacle!


Point info : Numerous waterfalls dot the Vosges Mountains. The best way to discover them is on an invigorating hike through the mountains.


Session VTT en moyenne montagne

One valley, three lakes

In the Higher Vosges, Gérardmer, Longemer and Retournemer lakes are brimming with tranquillity. The Valley of the Lakes is full of surprises for young and old alike.


Point info : Forlet Lake, the highest in the Vosges, is located at an elevation of 1061 m, in the centre of a stunning glacial cirque.

A favourite spot

Surrounded by an air of mystery, Maix Lake is one of the many high-altitude lakes of the Vosges Mountains. Come and swim, and then visit the surrounding forest to discover ruins from the Celtic era: a chapel, a crypt and a sarcophagus.


Pure, famous water

Celtic and Wattwiller are brands of natural mineral water that take their source in the Vosges Mountains. Naturally pure, these mineral waters are available throughout France and Europe.

More information : parc-ballons-vosges.fr

Eau thermale
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