Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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From country inns to Michelin-starred establishments, our restaurants welcome you for hearty, simple, or refined meals.
On the menu: charcuterie, ham, salt-cured meat flavoured with Vosges fir, meat pies, trout, mouth-watering cheese platters, and more.

Munster from Alsace is a must-taste cheese whose origins date back to the expertise of 7th-century monks. Try it at a farmhouse inn as a part of a traditional Marcaire meal that includes farmer's soup and potatoes stewed in lard over a wood-burning stove. Simply unforgettable!

With sweet Vosges candies, strong and characterful cheeses, and delicate blends of liqueurs, stock up on authentic local products and take a bit of the Vosges Mountains back home.


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