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The stages of the Traversée du Massif des Vosges


The Traversée du Massif des Vosges on foot is the first national itinerary to be awarded the European label: Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe! First in France, it is also one of the longest on the continent with nearly 430 kms.

The Traversée du Massif des Vosges, marked out by the Club Vosgien along its entire length with the red rectangle, dates from 1897 and runs through the Vosges Massif from north to south.

At its northern end in Wissembourg, the GR® 53 runs through the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park and can be linked to a long-distance hiking trail from the Odenwald in Germany.

Further south, it reaches the Middle Vosges where it merges at the Donon with the GR®5, the French section of the European E2 trail, which links the North Sea to the Mediterranean via the Vosges, Jura and Alps.

In its southern part, it crosses the Ballons des Vosges Natural Park to reach Belfort. The 19 stages proposed can be covered in their entirety or by section.

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