Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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Forest bathing


A guessing game for experts of relaxation!

The art of rejuvenation with the forests of the Vosges Mountains

Ready? Here are your clues. I'm a type of therapy that’s very on trend. I emerged in Japan in the 1970s and 1980s, and scientific studies have demonstrated my many benefits on mental health, creativity, and immunity. I am often experienced in the dense mixed forests of the Vosges Mountains of eastern France, an opportune environment for the flow of natural essential oils. A contemplative and mindful walk, I help you refocus and reconnect with nature. I awaken your five senses and stimulate your feelings through your interactions with the forest. On your own or in a small group, I provide a sense of renewal with the help of a specialized mountain guide. Experiencing me requires embracing or leaning on an energetic tree. I'm also called forest bathing or shinrin-yoku.
Who am I? Sylvotherapy!

Bain de forêt
Manuela Peshmann Vosges du Nord
Forest bathing - a user manual

Reconnect with nature in 6 steps

1. Stop in a quiet spot in the forest
2. Choose a healthy tree that draws you in
3. Gradually introduce yourself to the tree and get acquainted
4. Observe the tree closely and put a hand on the trunk to establish contact
5. You can then simply lean against the tree, smell its scent, or hug it if you like
6. Focus on what you want to confide in the tree and on the well-being that you want to receive

You can close your eyes and feel different things depending on your sensibility. The mountain guides have been trained in sylvotherapy. In a soothing voice, they'll help you reconnect with nature and receive its benefits with specific exercises. They each have their area of expertise and preferences (fauna, flora, sophrology, story-telling walk): to each their own forest bath!

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Accelerator of well-being with the forest

"Sylvotherapy is a walk with no objective, except for completely letting go and immersing yourself in the heart of the forest; to get lost so you can better find yourself. Forest bathing is above all a relaxing and sensory outing, where the body takes back control from a calm mind. Through discovering nature, you wind up discovering your own nature."


Albane LESSARD Montain guide in the Vosges mountains
Victor, 32, tested sylvotherapy for you: 

A real city dweller in a forest bath!

On holiday with a small group of friends in the Vosges Mountains, Victor dips his toes into his first forest bath alongside Alain, a mountain guide. He shares a very intimate experience with nature by awakening the five senses. It starts with a walk focused on breathing exercises to oxygenate your body and distract your mind from your worries. The woody aromas are surprising. A quick stop to taste a fir bud ... hmm ... tastes like grapefruit? Leaving the trail behind, a wide range of green hues stirs his imagination just like when he was a child. A pleasant memory. He's completely immersed, and already feels like he's one with the surrounding nature. A quick stop to observe an energetic tree that draws him in. He gently approaches the tree and lets the sound of Alain's calm voice guide him towards well-being. He takes his time, touching the bark, looking at the details of the tree, and losing track of time. He closes his eyes and is lulled by the singing birds and the breeze through the leaves. He lets it all go, so he can reconnect with this authentic nature. He feels good in this inner calm. He told us that he now uses these keys to better manage the stress of hectic city life.

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