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Plateau des Mille Etangs
A spectacle of blue and green

The Mille Étangs Plateau

A magnificent landscape shaped by time into "a thousand lakes" unfolds before you. Get out and explore this territory on foot, by bike, or on horseback for new discoveries that appeal to all your senses!

Plateau des Mille Etangs
Remnants of an ice age

A landscape shaped by time

12,000 years ago in the southwestern Vosges Mountains, the melting glaciers forged an exceptional landscape, creating dozens of lakes and ponds criss-crossed by streams. Recognised as a European Natura 2000 site for its remarkable natural heritage, the plateau's mosaic of landscapes provides shelter for a wide range of plants and wildlife.

Chevaux au Plateau des Mille Etangs
For all tastes

Activities on the Mille Étangs Plateau

Explore the moors and forests on foot, by bike, by mountain bike, or on horseback. There are plenty of trails and tourist routes, each one taking you through new and ever-changing landscapes. Every holiday is a new adventure!

A multitude of activities are on offer. Throughout the year, the towns and villages of the area organise nature outings, festivals, and village fairs, as well as markets for discovering the gems of our gourmet heritage.

Plateau des Mille Etangs
An escape for the senses

The Échappée des 1000 Étangs: a hiking and cycling itinerary

Follow this "escape" through the Mille Étangs Plateau on foot or by bike. Explore remarkable sites along the way: the Saut de l'Ognon waterfall in Servance, the Pont du Champey bridge and the Doue de l'Eau river and waterfall in Miellin, and the Étang Noir pond in Ramonchamp with its panorama of the Higher Vosges.

The itinerary of the Échappée des 1000 Étangs includes plenty of stops along the way. These "landscape breaks" give you a chance to rest and relax while admiring the landscapes and heritage in a new way.
Six major sites offer experiences to tap into your senses:
• "Along the water" in the hamlet of La Mer,
• "Kaleidoscope" at St. Martin Church in Faucogny,
• "Geological" at the Montandré Cross in Servance,
• "View from above" in Les Grilloux, Servance,
• "Sounds" in the village of Annegray in La Voivre,
• "Subaquatic" at Pellevin Pond in Ecromagny.

Plateau des Mille Étangs
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