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The local products of the Vosges Mountains

Taste authentic products made from a land of character and traditions.

Munster Bargkas

The Munster we know and love

A soft cheese with a washed rind, Munster is best known for its strong aroma. Also called Géromé, you'll find this  Protected Designation of Origin, cheese everywhere: between two potato wedges, on a slice of bread, in a sauce served with a cordon bleu, and so much more. Unearth the secrets of how it's made along the picturesque Cheese Route. 

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Bonbons des Vosges

The sweets of the Vosges

Did you know that one of the most visited sites in the Vosges Mountains is a confectionery? Visit the town of Plainfaing for a tour and a tasting of the famous Vosges candies with flavours for all tastes: Vosges fir buds, Lorraine bergamot, blueberry, mountain honey, raspberry, or even poppy! Nothing is wasted, the broken pieces are used to replace sugar and add flavour to products like tea and cakes. If you'd rather steer clear of the crowds, there are other confectioneries in  Gérardmer and  la Bresse.

Fruit and plants in every which way

Syrup, jam, herbal tea, essential oil, fruit wine: plenty to enjoy! And made with lots of local flavours, too: fir, mirabelle plum, bergamot, blueberry, gentian, cherry, and wild fruits and plants.

Cueillette cerises Fougerolles

Fougerolles cherries

Have you been to Cherry Country? Taste the town of Fougerolles's iconic fruit, and discover the secrets of making kirsch, an eau de vie used in cocktails, for cooking, or as an after-dinner drink (always in moderation, of course). It's a delightful ingredient in Plombières ice cream or to finish off a marcaire meal with a drizzle on your fromage blanc. Another specialty made with kirsch: Fougerolles Griottines. These sour cherries preserved in kirsch liqueur can be enjoyed on their own or in both sweet and savoury recipes.

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Alambic de la Distillerie artisanale Jos Nusbaumer


Grandes Distilleries Peureux, Paul Devoile, Metté, and Windholz are big names in Cherry Country and in Ribeauvillé. Eau de vie made with mirabelle plums, elderberries, or mountain ash; liqueurs and creams; plant and fruit wines; as well as whisky and gin made by the Miclo family: a wide selection of products to enjoy responsibly.

Les producteurs d'eaux de vie du Massif des Vosges

Mineral and spring water

Wattwiller, Lisbeth, Carola, Celtic, Valon, Contrexéville, and Vittel: there are numerous springs in the area, including some that were already in use during Roman times. With an exceptional mineral balance and extreme purity, these waters are natural allies for your well-being. The springs of Soultzmatt, Carola, and Wattwiller are a part of the Valeurs Parc label, respecting a commitment to the local community and to preserving biodiversity and natural heritage.

Miel de sapin dans les Vosges

Le miel des montagnes vosgiennes

The Vosges mountains are well known for their natural honey production. Its richness in flora and fauna allows a diversified production: forest, fir, flowers etc. There is something for everyone! Want to put your nose in the jar? Find the list of beekeepers at the link below.

Les producteurs de miel du Massif des Vosges


The second generation at Les Confitures du Climont in La Salcée carries on the tradition of jams cooked in copper cauldrons, using only fruit and sugar (with no gelling agents or preservatives). Recognised as a Living Heritage Company (EPV), they cook up more than thirty varieties of jam with local flavours: rosehip, sour cherry, cinnamon mirabelle plum, wild apple, blueberry, and of course their famous Christmas jam.
Take a journey through five centuries of the history of jam in the very first Jam Museum in a bus, one-of-a-kind in Europe.

Les Confitures du Climont
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