Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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Run, Forrest, run … a marathon!

In the Vosges Mountains, of course!

How about a marathon through the mountains? Challenge accepted! The roads of the Vosges Mountains are very well maintained, much to the delight of drivers and marathon runners alike. More than 100,000 runners belong to the local clubs that organise these famous mountain road races, including the Marathon du Grand Ballon. France's national mountain running team even trains here: the town of La Bresse was chosen by the French Athletics Federation to host the team's workout sessions. Whether for a half marathon or a full 42.195 km marathon, your race will take you through exceptional and iconic sites. You won't have much time to admire the panoramic views, but you'll be able to boast about taking up the challenge of time, technique, and elevation! On your mark, set, come on!

Triathlon 2017 à Gérardmer
The Vosges Mountains: the perfect target for biathlon or triathlon

In both summer and winter: race through the mountains!

Set your sights on the Vosges Mountains for the biathlon. Like local Olympic champion brothers Florent, Fabien, and Emilien Claude, come and take up the challenge at La Ténine, Xonrupt, or the Ballon d'Alsace at a competition held by local organisations. All year round, you can head out alongside an ESF ski instructor or a specialised mountain guide to perfect your skills with rifle shooting, cross-country skiing, or rollerskiing. From 10 m or 50 m, depending on your level, shooting with a laser rifle makes aiming simple. The Vosges Mountains also have everything you need to test your endurance. Head out skate skiing and then practice mastering the calm and awareness needed for rifle shooting. Sign up for a multi-day training programme to improve your skills and earn a bronze, silver, or gold biathlon medal!
For triathletes, Gérardmer is the ultimate triathlon destination of the Vosges Mountains. The ski resort town hosted the first 3 editions of Iron Man France, the international long-distance triathlon competition. Between lakes, valleys, and mountains, the Vosges are the ideal playground for XTerra and XXL triathlon competitors.

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