Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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Lâcher prise au milieu d'une eau bienfaisante

Unwind in therapeutic waters

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We’ve felt the need for a break for a couple of weeks now, so we decide to treat ourselves to a wellness holiday in the Vosges Mountains, to recharge our batteries and clear our minds.

A bit of calm and plenty of relaxation are on the horizon.

Lac de Pierre Percée

A breath of fresh air

Our bodies are tired and environmental stresses have impacted our mood. We head to the Vosges Mountains to keep the negative energy at bay. We leave our daily hassles behind, and a wave of tranquillity sets in as we get closer and closer to the mountains.

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The many vibratory sites of the Vosges Mountains make it an ideal destination for those on a quest for good energy.

Bien être dans le massif des Vosges

A beneficial stopover

We begin our wellness holiday in a positive state of mind during a tension releasing day in the regenerative waters of Plombières-les-Bains. Renowned by the Romans, this spa resort is perfect for unwinding, submerged in therapeutic waters. One-of-a-kind in France, the Roman spa treatment features warm baths and whirlpool spas: a relaxing immersion for the whole body.

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Enjoy a truly invigorating break on a health or wellness holiday at the Plombières-les-Bains spa resort.

Un cocon de bonheur

A cocoon of happiness

We plan to fully take advantage of our hotel spa, open until 7:30 p.m. every day. Completely relaxed and a bit peckish after a day in the water, we enjoy a candlelit dinner. On the menu: exquisite cuisine that fulfils our desire to take a bite out of life.

Info point : For a romantic and relaxing getaway, discover the holidays at the spas of the Vosges Mountains.

Une journée en peignoir

Spend the day in a bathrobe

At the gateway to the Vosges Mountains, discover the thermal baths of Luxeuil-les-Bains, with spa treatments and holiday packages for a relaxing moment as a couple or on your own.

Une expérience unique

Get back to what matters

To release the tension that we’ve been feeling these last few weeks, we need to purify our bodies and clear our minds. In addition to relaxing, we take advantage of our holiday to re-evaluate our diet and get personalised nutrition advice. With this complete detox, we recharge our batteries while getting our fill of vitamins and minerals.

Info point : The Ermitage hotel in Le Hohwald offers a "Regeneration & detox" holiday including 3 nights of full board.

Prendre du temps pour soi

Take the time to do nothing

Immersed in nature, we enjoy the silence of our calm surroundings during a moment of complete serenity. Thoughts come and go before giving way to a pleasant sense of emptiness. Silence takes over and we peacefully observe the mountains without worrying about the time or the rest of our day. What a delight to forget about it all!

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At the Etang du Devin hotel and residence, at an elevation of 950 m, enjoy a relaxing moment after a long hike : a session in the sauna, a massage or a Thai foot massage

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