Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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Session VTT en moyenne montagne

Mountain biking in the hills

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The mountains of the Vosges are ideal for mountain bikers.

This little slice of paradise is brimming with trails for both beginners and experts of off-road cycling. Diverse landscapes, waymarked trails and unspoilt nature await all kinds of cyclists for some epic, jaw-dropping descents.

Balisage du Club Vosgien

The Vosges, from north to south

To cross the Vosges Mountains, we opt for a 400 km marked trail along lakes, peaks and forests. This trail, called the TMV, has 14 stages grouped into 3 themes:


Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park

1. Around Wissembourg,

2. Sauer Valley,

3. La Petite Pierre via Hanau,

4. Around Saverne

Piedmont of the Vosges

5. Alsace’s Switzerland,
6. Bruche Valley,
7. Around Mont Sainte-Odile, 
8. Around Le Bernstein Castle and the Ungersberg

Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park

9. Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle,

10. The Brézouard,

11. Lakes,

12. Ridges,

13. Mountain Pastures,

14. Thur Valley

Point info :

TMV means "Traversée du Massif des Vosges". An eponymous guidebook contains the different routes as well as a lot of information about the itinerary.

An avalanche of panoramas

For nearly 6 days, we travel across the Vosges to discover it from all angles. Some of the stages are a bit technical, and we push ourselves to our limits, but what a sense of satisfaction! High in the mountains, we take a moment’s rest to enjoy the breathtaking views.


Point info : The TMV trail is for adults in good physical condition. Certain sections can be difficult for beginners.

Avalanche de panoramas

Breaks at farmhouse inns

Our days are fully-packed, and to recuperate, we spend our nights in some of the guest houses of the Vosges Mountains. On the menu: meeting lovely hosts, mountain meals and plenty of rest before heading back out on the trail refreshed and ready to ride.

Massif des Vosges -Repas-marcaire - Ferme auberge du Schnepfenried
Massif des Vosges une terre de champion

A land of champions

Two-time Olympic gold medallist in mountain biking, Julien Absalon hails from the Vosges Mountains. It was here, in the forests of the Vosges, that he honed his skills in this competitive sport. Follow in Absalon’s tire treads along one of the many cross-country trails, and push your limits surrounded by lakes and forests.


Point info : All mountain, enduro, freeride, downhill, trial or dirt: the choice is yours in the Vosges Mountains. Mountain Bike World Cup finals are often held in the Vosges.

Massif des Vosges descentes en pleine montagne

Downhill in the mountains

Bikeparks in the Vosges are ideal places for fans of mountain biking. These parks welcome riders of all levels on different tracks. Full face or all mountain/enduro helmets are mandatory on the downhill slopes. Bring your own or visit the bike shop to choose your equipment.

Point info : The La Bresse Bike Park has 9 trails for fans of descents.

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