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Massif des Vosges - Vert hiver

Green winter

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What to do in the Vosges Mountains when the snow hasn't arrived?

You take turns peering out at the still green mountains and forests with your ski clothes stuck in the closet. Winter sports might be out, but your holiday plans in the Vosges Mountains are still on. The destination has so much more to offer. You're in for a delightful surprise. Come and enjoy a green winter.

For a bit of pampering: a Nordic spa

How about a Far North experience? Without snow?! How is that going to work? Be inspired by a different side of Nordic culture: Scandinavian-style well-being to combat those gloomy moods when it's cold outside. Experience it at the Domaine du Hirtz and its Nordic spa. The eco-site feels like little villages in the heart of the forest. A wellness path, inspired by nature and the power of the elements, connects each chalet and outdoor space. Sauna, sensory shower, whirlpool bath, balneotherapy pool, just reading these words brings on feelings of relaxation.

Massif des Vosges - Vert hiver - Domaine du Hirtz
Massif des Vosges - Vert hiver - Piscine du domaine du Hirtz
Massif des Vosges - Vert hiver - Spa nordique du domaine du Hirtz
Massif des Vosges - Vert hiver - Cani Kart

For adrenaline junkies: dog karting

Snowy paths, frost-covered trees, dogs running through the snow, and you, huddled in your sled, gliding along. A scene that makes you want to slip on a pair of trapper's boots! And what if you didn't have to wait for snow to answer the call of the wild? Now you can. It's called dog karting, and it's way more than just a sleigh ride! After booking your outing, you’ll get to know your pack before letting the sled dogs pull you through the forest at full speed. Discover new thrills and see the landscapes of the Vosges from a different angle.


For family fun: the adventures of Rose and Louis 

It's easy to get the kids out of the house when you suggest a snowball fight or a snowman-making contest. But if there's no snow and the kids hear "get ready, we're going to the mountains", they'll probably answer that it's too cold. That's because they think you're just going hiking. What they don't know is that you're taking them on one of the many Adventures of Rose and Louis in the Vosges Mountains. Head off on a great treasure hunt with your map and game booklet (print it at home or pick one up at the Tourist Office). In the great outdoors, help Rose and Louis solve a mystery and find lost objects hidden in the landscape. Be sure to finish your quest properly: with a tasty treat.


Hautes Vosges - Terre de textile

For curious visitors: the Textile Route

Take one of the four itineraries on a path of ancestral know-how. Follow the trails of the Textile Route and discover how this industry marked the landscapes of the Vosges. Visit the factories and learn the secrets of fabric manufacturing. Take a trip to the Textile Museum in Ventron and retrace the history of spinning and weaving (with hands-on experiences for children). End your outing with a bit of shopping at one of the many specialty shops in the area.

Massif des Vosges - Vert hiver - Tubing

For fans of sliding: tubing

It might be a bit cold to go tubing on the lake: we’re talking about snow tubing. It’s just like sledging, but on an inner tube instead of the traditional sledge or toboggan. While you can of course ride down snowy slopes, you can also try it out during a green winter. For snow-free tubing, you'll need:

  • an artificial toboggan run like at the Champ du Feu or the Planche des Belles Filles,
  • a big inner tube, obviously (available on site),
  • a helmet, also available for hire at the resort,
  • a few extra layers of clothing for padding (yes, you might fall once or twice).
    Young and old flock to the Vosges Mountains for tubing. There's no age limit for enjoying a good bit of sledging. And you don't need snow to experience the joys of sliding down the mountain!
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