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Animal encounters

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Come meet the animals of the Vosges Mountains, a pleasant activity for all ages. At the Bergerie de Straiture sheep farm, watch the sheep shearing and leave with a piece of wool. The goats are far from timid at Les Chèvres de Bellefontaine goat farm in Lutzelhouse. You can pet them and even try your hand at milking.

Chèvres de Bellefontaine

Pony rides and horseback outings are a great way to explore the Vosges Mountains. In winter, take a ride on a dog sled for a thrilling experience.

Un moment de complicité avec les chiens de traîneaux

The animals of the Vosges Mountains are surprising.

La ferme aux rennes

Between 30 and 40 reindeer live peacefully in the forest. In both summer and winter, you can come and observe them in an unspoilt natural setting. The animals are fed at the end of the afternoon at the Ferme aux Rennes reindeer farm.

Kuzco un peu mégalo mais tellement rigolo

Who would have thought you’d see a llama farm in the Vosges Mountains? 

In La Bresse, llamas and alpacas live peacefully at an elevation of 900 m at the foot of the mountains. Visit the farm and get up close to the animals. Give them a pet and hope they don't spit in your face!

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