Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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A la découverte des animaux de la ferme
As a family

An animal farm encounter

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Children and animals are fast friends. Kids like taking care of and playing with the critters, making for an unparalleled bond.

If you live in a city or just far away from the countryside, you’re only likely to see pets like dogs and cats. In the Vosges Mountains, young and old alike can enjoy activities alongside animals that are a bit more exciting.

Massif des Vosges - L'école de la vie

Goats and the simple pleasures of the farm

Most kids don’t see goats every day and even less get to see them up close. Off we go to a family farm in the Vosges Mountains for a day of discovering more about this animal while learning about the day-to-day life on the farm. After a delicious tasting of fresh cheese, we get to visit with the goats and even help with milking.

Point info : Most farms in the Vosges Mountains welcome families for a day of learning about their operation.

Les animaux, source de bien être

Animals: a source of well-being?

Touching, petting and cuddling with a furry little creature is naturally relaxing. We feel calmer when we’re in contact with animals. This is partly because being around certain animals that we enjoy releases stress-reducing endorphins.


Learning responsibility

The children are back from their pony ride. Now that it’s over, it’s time for the chores: food, water and brushing. The kids complain a bit about it, but if they want a pet when we get home, they need to learn the responsibilities that go with it.

Prendre ses responsabilités

Point info : Riding on a pony or on horseback is a great way to discover the Vosges Mountains as a family.

Kuzco un peu mégalo mais tellement rigolo

Road trip? Alpaca my bags!

Who would have thought that we would come across a llama farm in the Vosges Mountains? But that’s just what happened during our trip to La Bresse, at an altitude of 900 m. Around fifty llamas and alpacas live peacefully at the foot of the mountains. You can visit the farm and get close enough to pet the animals… and hope that they don’t spit in your face!

La ferme aux rennes

A Nordic atmosphere

The animals of the Vosges Mountains are certainly surprising. Between 30 and 40 reindeer live peacefully in the forest. In both summer and winter, you can observe them in a natural, unspoilt setting. The animals are fed in the late afternoon, and we’ll definitely be there to help.

Bonding with the sled dogs

We had a thrilling time with the sled dogs today, a pack of sweet and fascinating Alaskan huskies.

We opted for a beginner’s course in driving a sleigh, but the instructors also offer summer activities with the dogs, including hiking, karting or on a scooter.

Un moment de complicité avec les chiens de traîneaux

Point info : In addition to your activity, you can learn more about the dogs, their daily routine and how to attach the harnesses.

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