Famille faisant un jeu de piste dans le Massif des Vosges
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In autumn

Cool and colourful

Summer gives way to autumn's sweet embrace.
Wander through the changing colours and atmospheres. Escape into the season and let yourself be carried along as the flora transforms. Walk through landscapes of authentic paintings, full of warm colours ranging from red to ochre. Imagine getting lost in the middle of this changing scenery.
In the days of autumn, the pace slows down as the cold arrives and slowly takes over. It's the perfect season for taking the time to appreciate the heritage and gastronomy of the region.
Self-care is of the utmost importance. Try a forest bathing session or relax in the magical setting of one of the many spas.
After a well-deserved break, step into the woods of the mountains. There are plenty of surprises to uncover along the forest paths.
It's easy to find the way through the woods.

Autumn experiences

Mountain biking sessions in the tire treads of champions

Mountain biking and the Vosges are a perfect match, with the international exploits of local rider Julien Absalon and the world cup held on the summits of La Bresse. Pedal between mountains and valleys and explore the iconic itineraries. You may just find your passion.

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